Bow Down – The Blues, Gunners, Reds and United are coming.

Arsenal versus Liverpool and Roma versus Manchester United; after yesterday’s Champions League draw, these will be the top two matches to look for. Chelsea and Barcelona will be big favorites against Fenerbahce and Schalke respectively.

A lot have been made about the four English teams making it through. I think it just goes to show how strong the EPL is, as a whole league. In any given day, squads like Barca, Real, the two Milans, can be as good or better than the top English teams – what they lack, is the ability of or the obligation of maintaining a consistent high level of play weeks in and weeks out. In the premiership, you have to always bring your A game, even if you’re playing a team from the lower half of the table.

I’ve seen some games from the Serie A for example, which looked more like a practice session than a competitive football game.

All and all, we should still be in for a couple of exciting next rounds in the Champions League. I personally like the chances of Barcelona, and of Arsenal as well, if they can get through the Reds.


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