David Beckham will be at the World Cup 2010?

David Beckham will be at the World Cup 2010?

England football star David Beckham could be present at the upcoming World Cup in South Africa, but not as a player. If you’re an England supporter, you already know that Becks suffered an injury earlier this year that will keep from the Fabio Capello squad.

However, Capello has made an offer to Beckham to join the England team as a member of the staff. What will he do? Nobody knows the specifics right now, but we can guess that it’d probably some sort of glorified off pitch captain role.

Beckham, a LA Galaxy star suffered an Achilles injury while playing on loan, ending the 34 year old’s chances of playing in another World Cup, most likely the last he still had a chance to partake in. Still, Beckham is the Vice-president of England’s representatives who are bidding to host the World Cup in 2018.

Beckham said he’s honoured from receiving the offer from Fabio Capello, but will have to see if his therapy goes before deciding if he can travel with the team to South Africa.

All and all, I think Capello and England should focus on the upcoming World Cup and on the players fit to play. Off pitch distractions are not needed at this time, and I doubt Beckham being there or not, in a managerial role will have any consequences on England’s quest for the Cup.

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