José Mourinho Leaves Inter – Real Madrid Next?

After winning a second Champions League title and completing the Treble for Inter, José Mourinho announced that he won’t be coming back to Milan.

While he was appreciative of Inter, Mourinho explained that he didn’t like the world of Italian football. Next stop for José? Probably, La Liga, probably Real Madrid. Real has already shown interest for José Mourinho, and the interest seems to go both ways.

Mourinho mentioned that he’s looking for a new challenge and that playing against Barcelona would be a worthy one. Mourinho also expressed his desire to become the first coach to win the Champions League with 3 different teams (Mourinho did so with FC Porto and Inter). Will he succeed? Ummm, allow me to doubt it. Sure, there will be no lack of star power in the squad, similar to Mourinho’s days at Chelsea, but it takes more than brillant football players to win the Champions League. Don’t get me wrong, Real will be an improved team, regardless of the squad, with Mourinho at the helm, but the mediatic pressure will be just that much more intense. Anyway, let’s wait and see, we’re talking about Mourinho after all.

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