Spanish midfielder Xavi wins Best Player award

Spanish midfielder Xavi has won the ‘best player’ title for his performance in the European Championships.

Xavi, who plays for Barcelona at club level was integral to Spain’s campaign and was voted the best player by a panel of UEFA experts.

The panel also voted for their dream team, made up of Euro 2008 players. There was however, no place in this team for Cristiano Ronaldo, billed by many as the best player in the world.

Some said that Ronaldo was not included as Portugal did not progress very far in the tournament which meant that the Portuguese winger didn’t get to make a big impact. The team was based purely on players performances during the European Championships and not on their reputations.

The team that was most represented in the dream team was the Spanish side, this was due to them having both amazing players and also because they progressed until the end of the competition.

Xavi stood out among the shortlisted players as he was a prime example of Spanish play and tactics. He was central to the Spanish sides attack moves and generally held the team together.

Xavi is also a mainstay of the Barcelona squad. Barcelona are looking to make a lot of changes to their team before the coming season, so far Xavi has not been mentioned.

It looks as though Xavi’s future in the world of live football is assured.

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