Philipp Lahm and his Humility… Not!

Here’s a great story to come out of the Euro 2008 build-up and it just goes to prove there is nothing like a German when he’s on a roll! Read on.

Bayern Munich defender Philipp Lahm, who at the age of twenty-four reckons he’s the next best thing to sliced bread (not twenty-four year old bread, mind you) and we reach this conclusion because of the following statement he came out with a couple of days ago. In it he says that the two years he’s spent at Bayern subsequent to the World Cup of 2006 – which the Germans didn’t win, just in case anybody was wondering – have assisted him to grow in confidence and stature. Nothing wrong there, one might say but he went on to say that he will use this ‘hard-won’ confidence to help propel Germany to victory in their first game against Poland on Sunday. Nothing like being a bit cocky then, Herr Lahm!

To directly quote what he told reporters: “The World Cup is now out of our heads, and the Euro’s are finally about to start. Naturally, it is especially important that we start (against Poland) with a victory. Before the World Cup, I had only been a professional for three years. Now I have gathered a lot of important experience in two years in Munich, and my voice has gained some weight in the team.”

Well, we hope is voice is not that heavy or he and any other cocky team mates are liable to sink the German machine before it has even started to gather momentum. Confidence and cockiness are two different things, in our opinion and are not a good combination, especially at a major tournament. It always has a strange way of coming back and biting you on the ar*e. You have been warned Herr Lahm!

To give him credit though, he scored the German team’s first goal in the 2006 World Cup with an absolute humdinger of a goal in the game against Costa Rica and was impressive throughout, rightly being labelled as one of the best players in the tournament.

Lahm doesn’t think that the German team being labelled as this tournaments favourites is a hindrance of any kind (well, he wouldn’t would he) but does come off his high horse long enough to say that he thinks many teams have a chance of winning the trophy. Quite!

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