Gunners getting killed by Manchester United

If you are a Gunners fan, Saturday was quite a depressing day. I watched the game – well the first half, I couldn’t take it anymore after that – between Arsenal and Manchester United for the FA cup. Man U owned them from beginning to end, winning 4-0. And, while we could say that Arsenal didn’t put on their first team – although really, only Adebayor and maybe Flamini were the significant absentees for the first part of the game – the Red Devils also sat a couple of big names, including C Ronaldo.

For United, I do like the way Nani is developing. Did you see how he fooled Arsenal’s defenders for Fletcher’s first goal? He has a lot of skills, and I think that playing alongside Ronaldo will help him become a match deciding player. However, I didn’t like the showboating on his part (dribbling the ball on his head and all), even Sir Alex admitted it wasn’t necessary.

On the other end, I’m not too worried about Arsenal; when they have Adebayor in front, with Eduardo supporting, and their skillful midfield players, there still the best team in the Premiership at the moment. Gilberto can go, he’s no Viera, and Flamini does a much better job in that holding midfield position. I feel for Lehman – I didn’t realize he was that old though -, he was good in the beginning of the season, and it always sucks to see someone lose his first team place because of an injury instead of bad play. But, hey, it’s all about winning.

— Carlito

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