Ballack and the Case of the Rant

Michael Ballack‘s confidence that his Germany team can go on to win Euro 2008 has been heightened further after revealing that he had to voice ‘a few harsh words’ to the squad – and coaching staff! Great stuff Michael but where was your steel in the Premier League last season when you were running scared of Didier Drogba after clashing over a free kick?

Germany, who were the pre-tournament favourites to lift the trophy, were knocked out of their stride in the second group game after being soundly beaten by the Croats of Slaven Bilić. Even though the score line read 2-1 to Croatia, the victory was much more emphatic then that as the Germans were rubbish in that match!

Germany have responded magnificently since then though, beating co-hosts Austria before knocking out those cocky boys from Portugal in the quarter-finals. Ballack has now let everybody into the secret of Germany’s better performances of late – him!

He explained to all who would listen to his rant that after the defeat to Croatia, he let the whole German squad have it, with both barrels! Not literally of course, although that would have been something to behold. No, he gave them the benefit of a tongue lashing.

He explained how after the Croatia game they all sat down and had a chat and to try and find out where it had all gone wrong. He went on to say how he had a few harsh words to say, to make everybody understand the seriousness of the situation – and quick. He then said that everybody agreed that they had to go back to their traditional strengths, as was expected of a German side.

The funny thing about this though, is that he reckons the boss agreed as well. Can you imagine if it was Alex Ferguson sitting in there during this ‘crisis’ meeting. We don’t think Michael would have been so arrogant then!

Ballack even said that because he has worked with Joachim Lowe (German coach) for some years, they both know each other’s ideas and that quite often the coach would ask for his opinion on certain matters.

We conclude by pretending Alex Ferguson was the German team coach having a conversation with Ballack.

Ballack: “Boss, I think in the next game we should…..”

Sir Alex: “Aye, that’ll be right wee man. Carry on thinking and you’ll be out on your arse; that is after I’ve kicked that wee football boot into yer face just like I did with that ponce Beckham!”

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