Portugal Out – Ronaldo on His Way Out as Well?

Well, at last some good news to come out of the Euro 2008 tournament in Austria and Switzerland and it is news which is sure to cheer all the ABU’s (anyone but united) the world over. Following Portugal’s defeat in the quarter-finals to an impressive Germany, Ronaldo has apparently come good on his word that he would wait until after Portugal’s adventure in the finals is over before making a decision on his club career. We didn’t expect it to be quite as quick though!

In comments he made (we are unsure yet whether they were on or off the record) that were quoted in the British newspaper The Sun (hmm, this is where the reliability factor comes in?!), it appears that he has made his intentions crystal clear, unlike previous reports on his imminent departure which have been rather vague, and expressed the wish to leave Man Utd this summer.

He was quoted in the newspaper as saying that over the next few days there could very well be some updated news over the affair and admits the possibility of him leaving for Madrid is big. He did say though that it doesn’t depend entirely on him but he knows that there has been a solid offer put down by Madrid and he is anticipating the fact that all parties may reach a deal in the coming days. Well, if these comments are to be believed it looks like everything is already done and dusted bar the shouting – and there will obviously be lots of that coming out of Old Trafford in the very near future.

Ronaldo has also said (apparently) that everybody knows what he wants do as he has many desires and his soon-to-be ex-Portugal boss Luiz Felipe Scolari has advised him that opportunities like this only happen once in a lifetime. Soon-to-be Chelsea boss Scolari’s comments are bound to get right up Man Utd’s nose and will add extra spice to the up-coming Ferguson-Scolari scraps in the Premiership.

Ronaldo was even asked when he had made his decision to quit United for Madrid and his answer was a surprising: “Some time ago, before this competition”. He said though that he didn’t want to mention anything as Portugal were still in the Euro competition and it wouldn’t be fair on him or the team.

The only curious thing about the whole affair is how The Sun newspaper managed to grab this story while the rest of the world’s media were oblivious. Considering that only this week the same newspaper was sued (successfully) by Ronaldo himself for stating that the player was seen using his mobile phone during a training session, it’s hard to imagine that they would print something unsubstantiated so soon after. So all you ABU’s – start celebrating.

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